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The Angle: Steamboat Noises Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Donald Trump’s Twitter activity, socialism, antitrust, and self-driving cars.

An unhealthy level of observation: At 12:40 a.m. on Monday, the president of the United States “liked” a tweet about Rihanna. What happened here? Was it a misfire, a slip of his “ever-damp thumbs”? Does Donald Trump indeed “stan a work/life balance queen”? Ashley Feinberg is on the case.

I welcome their hatred: Bernie’s big speech on democratic socialism Wednesday wasn’t so much a defense as a rebranding. After years of calling himself a socialist, Sanders couldn’t convincingly say he isn’t one—so instead he said Franklin Roosevelt was, and presented his own policies as an extension of the New Deal. Jim Newell sorts through the candidate’s “rhetorical pixie dust.”


Big Bad: Facebook is a monopoly, so we should break it up, right? Not so fast, says Tyler Cowen. The economist argues that splitting up the company would be a misuse of antitrust law and could make the problems of social media worse and even harder to control.

Cone-shaped cars: April Glaser sat down with Chris Urmson, a pioneer in self-driving car tech, to chat about when we should actually expect these futuristic marvels everywhere. The bad news: It probably won’t be for decades. The good news: We probably won’t need to completely upend every single road in the U.S. to make it happen, and that will make the tech easier to adopt.

For fun: Catholics respond to Fleabag’s hot priest.

I, too, stan a work-life balance queen,