The Angle

The Angle: The Nepotism and Pride Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Trump kleptocracy, Pride, and our new Care and Feeding columnist.

A different kind of klepto: Dahlia Lithwick has a point that there is a point at which blatant nepotism (a thing we have arguably lived with always, but especially since 2016) becomes too blatant. It’s time to take our heads out of the sand: “Because it increasingly seems that one tiny quirk of the American tolerance for greed is that it may prove to be nontransferable: We don’t mind so very much that grifters are gonna grift, but we do appear to balk at allowing their children to inherit the earth.”

Prideville: Our robust Pride coverage continues with a neat essay by Oscar Lopez on the inclusive and wild queer nightlife in Mexico City. (Ciudad de México, in case you are wondering what CDMX stands for.) There’s also a post from June Thomas about keeping spaces for queer women alive, featuring a trailer for the upcoming documentary All We’ve Got. And Chip Brownlee analyzes the stark and severe results of a new Trevor Project report on LGBTQ mental health.

Care and Feeding: We’re happy to welcome Jamilah Lemieux, who will be writing the Wednesday and Slate Plus columns, to the Care and Feeding team! In her debut: Should this bisexual teenager be prohibited from sleepovers in the name of equality?

For fun: The 12 best goals from USWNT’s game against Thailand.