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The Angle: Reductio ad Absurdum Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on deportation, the establishment clause, Kyle Kashuv, and House Hunters.

The Mad Titan: Donald Trump’s warning that ICE would begin deporting “millions” of undocumented immigrants was ludicrous on its face—but what if it really happened? León Krauze draws on a new study and interviews with dairy and meat industry workers to illustrate the devastating economic consequences of mass deportation: “Within days there wouldn’t be any milk on the shelves,” said one farmer.

Big cross: Today the Supreme Court ruled that a 40-foot cross on public land, receiving public funds, did not violate the Constitution’s establishment clause. Mark Joseph Stern explains how the majority transformed this inherently Christian symbol into a monument with “secular meaning” and why this ruling imperils the separation of church and state.

Fellow kids: Conservative commentators were quick to characterize Harvard as “gutless” and “cruel” for rescinding Kyle Kashuv’s admission over his racist comments, calling the Parkland graduate a victim of “cancel culture.” But Kashuv’s would-be classmates aren’t so sure; Ruth Graham asked Harvard’s young Republicans what they thought of the decision.

Home staging: Ever wondered what it’s like to be on House Hunters? Elizabeth Newcamp can tell you—she’s been on the show twice and … wasn’t actually house hunting either time. Read her account of elaborately faked sets, arguments, and bathtub demands.

For fun: R.I.P. Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

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