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The Angle: Reading Rainbow Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on what your kids should read this summer, Philip Pullman’s new book, Hong Kong, and Dark Phoenix.

Booked up: If your kids are out of school, they’ve probably already complained that they’re soooooo bored. Keep them entertained with summer reading recommendations from some of today’s most beloved kid lit authors. Maybe they’ll listen to Lois Lowry or Jason Reynolds when they won’t listen to you. We also talked to a librarian about how to hook young readers and asked a teacher what the best books are for an awkward kid getting ready for middle school. Plus, YA author Tochi Onyebuchi reflected on the black and brown authors he wished he had read in high school.

Lyra returns: And get a head start on the fall’s big read with an exclusive excerpt from the next entry in Philip Pullman’s The Book of Dust trilogy.

Incensed harbor: Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers took to the streets this weekend to protest a proposed new extradition law. The massive protests, likely the largest since the city’s handover to China in 1997, reflect a fear that Beijing could use the law to further crack down on its pro-democracy critics. Joshua Keating explains why those fears aren’t unfounded.

Forty years young: Even though X-Men’s Dark Phoenix storyline is rapidly approaching middle age, its print version still surpasses both movie adaptations. The plot, long known as a major emotional turning point for one of the lead X-Men, Jean Grey, consistently robs a classic tale of female power when taken from page to screen, according to Stephanie Burt, who breaks down why Dark Phoenix just can’t seem to rise from its own adaptation’s ashes.

For fun: What is a “wife guy,” and why is everyone talking about them all of a sudden?

Not as clear-cut as it may initially sound,