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The Angle: Deepfake Democracy Edition

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Principle of the matter: Hanna Stotland explains why Harvard, which recently rescinded the admission of a Parkland graduate for racist remarks, made the right call—and why this probably isn’t the end. “Harvard is not saying who is or isn’t capable of change. It is saying that Kashuv hasn’t earned his redemption yet.”

Operation Deepfake: You’ve maybe seen the ultra-realistic but completely fake videos/photos of Kim Kardashian West, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and more. In order to combat these potentially reputation-ruining spoofs, Tiffany C. Li writes, celebrities and prominent names have taken to flexing improperly with copyright claims.


A close likeness: Sam Adams sat down with director Petra Costa to talk about The Edge of Democracy, a documentary available on Netflix focused on how Brazil radically shifted from socialism to dictatorship. Maybe it’s not a surprise, but the overarching narrative behind Costa’s reasons for making the documentary sounds uncomfortably familiar.


A new era: Thanks to PrEP treatment, we seem to be getting closer to an era where HIV transmission may be totally eradicated. That’s great news, and a testament to the decadeslong advocacy of AIDS activists. But, as Jada Hicks and Jacob Schneider write, this doesn’t mean that the work is done; there is still plenty of anti–gay sex stigma and legislation to be fought, and there are many places from which to “build a broader movement for sexual justice.”

For fun: The Chucky remake vs. Chucky’s friends and family (and the voice of Chucky).

Chucky freaks me out, talk to me about The Sims 4 instead,