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The Angle: The Refusal Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Theresa May’s exit, Trump’s effect on foreign policy, weather alerts and streaming, and Aladdin.

No deal, Theresa May: The U.K. prime minister tendered her semi-immediate resignation this morning in front of 10 Downing Street, finally casting off the albatross that is Brexit (though she was under no small amount of political pressure to do so). How did the United Kingdom get here? Joshua Keating has the This Week in Brexit ticktock, and June Thomas has the tea: The departure of May, a Remainer who nonetheless worked for years to carry out the referendum’s Leave outcome, won’t solve a thing.


Fake deal, Donald Trump: Our current president was relatively new when he began undoing major policies Obama had put in place, like the Iran deal and the Paris accord on climate change. A new administration so rapidly undoing its predecessor’s work could have really negative long-standing consequences for foreign policy. Joshua Keating (he’s been on a roll today) writes, “If the entire disposition of U.S. foreign policy transforms depending on whether a Democrat or a Republican occupies the White House, it will have a destabilizing impact on international relations long after Trump leaves office.”


Take shelter now: As more people cut the (cable) cord, a particular system will need to be Digital Age–ified: emergency weather warning alerts. But how could streaming services adopt this FCC/FEMA/National Weather Service collaboration? Jane C. Hu takes a look.

A Whole New (and Old) World: The new, live-action Aladdin is out, and Inkoo Kang writes, “When it gets to be its own thing, it’s a spirited romp that—setting aside the uncanny, off-putting look of Smith’s Genie—has no shortage of charms.” Plus, Jeffrey Bloomer does a deep dive into the history of the myth that Aladdin says “take off your clothes” in the original animated film.

For fun: Don’t like your parents’ voting record? Threaten a grandchildless future.

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