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The Angle: Throwing Precedent Out the Window Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on a warning sign for Roe v. Wade, the “welfare queen,” clothes waste, and Game of Thrones.

Roe alert: A Supreme Court decision on Monday overturned a 40-year-old precedent simply because the five conservative justices didn’t like it. The case involved a man who sued a California tax board over abusive behavior by an auditor, but it should be sounding major alarm bells for supporters of Roe v. Wade. Mark Joseph Stern explains.

Crowning achievement: Linda Taylor became infamous in the 1970s as the Cadillac-driving, fur coat–wearing “welfare queen,” who bilked an astonishing $150,000 in public aid money in a single year. But it’s her other crimes, including kidnappings and possibly even murder, that are even more troubling. Josh Levin has spent six years digging into her story, which has only grown more complicated the more he’s discovered. Follow along with his new podcast, The Queen, which debuted today.

Waste not: Marie Kondo’s Netflix show seems to have sparked an increase in donations of unwanted clothing—which isn’t as great for the environment as it sounds. Elizabeth Cline explains why much of our donated clothes end up in landfills anyway—and what we should really be doing to “tidy up.”

Twisted: As Game of Thrones comes to an end, the show’s plot twists are stacking up, leaving viewers feeling yanked back-and-forth from one WTF moment to the next. Sam Adams argues the showrunners have settled for shock, rather than delivering a satisfying, smooth ending.

For fun: Why it’s so amusing to watch teens fail at rotary phones.

Dialing 0 was always the best part,