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Democrats Respond to Barr’s Multifaceted Attack on National Integrity With Press Conference Involving Ceramic Chicken

Cohen, a balding gentleman wearing a gray suit, takes a large bite of a KFC chicken breast while seated with a KFC bucket next to him on a dais.
Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen on Capitol Hill on Thursday. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

In November 2018, I wrote a piece that complained about the Democratic Party’s tendency to create “messaging” initiatives and talking points characterized by toothless quasi-humor and a failure to grasp either the stylistic dynamics of virality-oriented modern media or the substantive urgency and forcefulness that the current political situation requires.

On Thursday, Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen responded to honesty-challenged Attorney General William Barr’s arrogant refusal to allow himself to be questioned by a House Judiciary Committee attorney by eating food in a hearing room and bringing in a fake chicken thing to a press conference:

Meanwhile, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly said at a private meeting that she believed Barr had committed criminal perjury by claiming in an April 9 hearing that he wasn’t aware of any objections Robert Mueller’s special counsel team might have had to Barr’s summary of their work. When pressed on the issue in public by a reporter, though, her response was that “there’s a process involved here, and as I said, I’ll say it again, the committee will act upon how we will proceed.” Wow—a process to be acted upon? Someone better get a glass of water, because that’s some spicy rhetoric!

Why didn’t the Democrats read my article???