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The Angle: The Remember the Name Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Game of Thrones, Trump’s judges, and The Big Bang Theory.

Who will win???? The Game of Thrones series finale is this weekend, folks, and we’ve got everything you need to prepare for the end of this towering cultural moment. Find out what your Game of Thrones character name would be with our handy name generator. Read Slate staffers’ surely accurate predictions on how the show will end. And reconsider the legacy of the long-dead Ned Stark with a thoughtful look back by Anna Nordberg.

Judge not, lest ye reinforce a plutocracy: The Senate just confirmed President Donald Trump’s 40th circuit court nominee, continuing to smash records and norms and shift the judiciary to the far right for the foreseeable future. But despite the common narrative behind Republicans’ judicial power grab, Dahlia Lithwick argues there’s something even more sinister afoot: This could be Trump’s way of wiggling out of investigations related to the Mueller report’s findings.

Not with a bang but a whimper: Another prominent television show came to an end this week, and June Thomas tuned in to The Big Bang Theory on Thursday night for the finale of the show’s impressive 12-year run. There was something comforting about returning to the sitcom after a few years off and picking up right where she left off. “It took no effort to figure out what had happened since I had last visited that Pasadena apartment building: not much.”

For fun: Werner Herzog narrates a cat video.

A cinematic marvel, on par with Fitzcarraldo, really,
Nitlish of Harlaw