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Elizabeth Warren Takes Yet Another Principled Stand, Rejects Fox News’ Town Hall Invitation

Warren, standing on wooden boxes and wearing a purple jacket, addresses a crowd of roughly 100 people.
Elizabeth Warren at a brewery in Mason City, Iowa, on May 4.
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren was the first major Democratic candidate to launch her 2020 primary campaign. She’s since outlined a much more detailed, extensive vision of how her presidency would work than any other candidate and taken the race’s most aggressive position against soliciting donations from favor-seeking corporations and donors. (Which, perhaps not incidentally, helped her get some good press out of what was going to be a weakness she faced no matter what.) On Tuesday, she made another field-leading move: announcing that she won’t participate in a “town hall” appearance on Fox.

You can read Warren’s full statement here. (Two other Dem candidates, Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar, have already done Fox town halls.)

Say what you will about Warren’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination, but it seems clear that she has thought about the issues involved in running for and being president more than everyone else in the field combined, which perhaps ought to count for something. Voters may or may not have decided yet whether they want to have a beer with her, but you can guarantee that she already knows which kind of beer it would be.