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The Angle: “Sanctity of Life” Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the anti-abortion movement, Facebook, and The Souvenir.

No exceptions: Anti-abortion activists and politicians used to make exceptions for victims of rape or incest—but no more. The extreme abortion bans passed in Alabama and Missouri this week show that the conversation has shifted decisively, into absolute terms. Ruth Graham explains what happened.

Breaking up is hard to do: The conversation around taking antitrust action against Facebook reached new heights last week when co-founder Chris Hughes called for the Federal Trade Commission to break off Instagram and WhatsApp and make them separate companies. But can Facebook actually be broken up? And if so, how? April Glaser explains all the tools the government has at its disposal to reduce Facebook’s monumental power.

The Case of the Secret Groups: Many Facebook groups are shifting their privacy settings into Secret or Closed enclaves, but why? Jane C. Hu writes that the “Zuccening” of established groups is behind the wave of notifications, but nobody is quite sure where it started—or when it will end.

Film school: The Souvenir is a coming-of-age film that may sound like a familiar addiction drama, but director Joanna Hogg digs deep into her own life to create “something much richer and stranger.” The Sundance hit starring Honor Swinton Byrne (daughter of Tilda) “is heterogeneous in style, with long passages of naturalism … interrupted by startling bursts of visual lyricism, like a recurring close-up of a green satin gown trailing up a flight of stone stairs,” Dana Stevens writes in her review.

For fun: What happens when you try to check out John Wick’s murder book.

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