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Let’s All Journey Back to a Time When WikiLeaks Was Very Much Trump’s “Thing”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was handed over to British authorities in London early Thursday morning. Once a self-styled freedom of information fighter, love him or hate him, Assange’s legacy has grown far more complicated since the 2016 election when Assange’s WikiLeaks apparatus operated as a clearinghouse for hacked information passed along from Kremlin-linked sources. Hacked DNC and Clinton campaign emails, for instance, were in effect laundered through WikiLeaks and then injected into the bloodstream of the American electorate. Trump knew the value—and potentially the source—of the information leaked to his benefit. But when asked about Assange’s arrest, the president clammed up.“I know nothing about Wikileaks. It’s not my thing,” Trump told reporters. “It’s not my deal in life.”

That, of course, is not true. During the campaign, WikiLeaks was candidate Trump’s main squeeze and he its most high profile booster.

But do a couple of rallies really make WikiLeaks Trump’s “deal”?

WikiLeaks? I haven’t heard that name in years.