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The Angle: The Foreboding Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Ilhan Omar, Trump’s campaign rhetoric, court reform, and Notre Dame.

The rest of the story: Rep. Ilhan Omar’s speech to the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Greater L.A. late last month has been the subject of much ire lately from Republicans like Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Donald Trump who say she was minimizing the memory of 9/11. Aymann Ismail looks past the sound bite to take in the speech in its entirety, finding a rousing assertion of Muslim American identity that’s only been elevated by the attacks.

The brewing storm: In addition to his vitriolic tweet directed at Ilhan Omar, Trump has purged DHS staff members whom he thinks were too soft on immigration and threatened to flood sanctuary cities with detained migrants. All of this rhetoric is just a precursor to his 2020 campaign, Josh Voorhees predicts: With his elevated platform as president, Trump is likely hoping his xenophobia will register on a mass scale.

Pete, my guy, do better: Many of the 2020 Democratic candidates have ideas for judicial reform, the most popular being court packing. The increasingly popular Mayor Pete has a different idea: an appellate rotation plan, which would mandate a relatively even partisan split and require judges to also pick fellow members from appeals courts. The problems with this? Well, it wouldn’t actually fix the problem the courts are facing right now, as Mark Joseph Stern explains, and also, it’s unconstitutional!

From the ashes: Writer Lauren Collins, coincidentally, was on the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral just last month reporting on its renovations. Today, she joined the Culture Gabfest to discuss the monument’s place in history, its evolution as a “living building” over the years, and how Monday’s fire will become a part of its vibrant palimpsest.

For fun: An explanation of Hollywood writers’ feud with their agents, featuring a dialogue with a guy who seems to love old cartoons.

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