Tarari’s journey into the criminal justice system takes him to one of the most infamous jails in the country.

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As his family and friends hustle to come up with his bail money, Tarari ends up at one of the most infamous jails in the country: Rikers Island. Eric runs for his own term as district attorney just as the demands to close Rikers heat up. This is Episode 2 of Emily Bazelon’s narrative podcast miniseries, Charged.

Slate Plus members get a bonus episode of Charged every week. This week, Bazelon goes deeper into the issues of bail with Insha Rahman of the Vera Institute. They discuss the history of bail in the United States, how bail bond companies work, and the current movements to end cash bail in several states.

Charged is produced by Emily Bazelon and Alvin Melathe. The Plus episode was produced by Chau Tu.