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Sean Spicer Wants to “Breif” (Sic) Your Mom

Sean Spicer makes a grasping motion with both hands while seated on a white couch on a stage.
Cool it, Sean Spicer! John Lamparski/Getty Images

Remember Sean Spicer? Screamed at everyone about how Obama’s inaugural crowd only looked way bigger than Trump’s because of “magnetometers”? Had to make three different follow-up “clarifications” to a weird comment he made about Hitler during a press conference? Did something involving a bush? Yeah … Sean Spicer. Apparently he wrote a book last year called The Briefing, and the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty has delivered an unsettling glimpse into what its ongoing marketing plan apparently looks like:


Generally, it doesn’t say good things about an author when they can’t spell the name of their book. It just doesn’t seem like a sign that the book is going to be good.

Sean Spicer also once got in a feud with his college’s student newspaper over whether the First Amendment protected its right to refer to him as “Sean Sphincter.” Don’t let him brief your mom.