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The Angle: Perilous Beliefs Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the distraction of the Mueller report, Game of Thrones, and Sally Rooney.

Hidden in plain sight: As suspense grows over the promised release of the Mueller report later this week, Dahlia Lithwick wants to know what everyone is waiting for. She calls out those who have fallen victim to the “persistent and perilous belief that whatever it is Robert Mueller has unearthed in secret is more relevant or compelling than what Donald Trump does openly every single day.” But for those of you who are still eagerly awaiting the report, Richard L. Hasen has seven questions you should ask while reading it.

Winter arrives: The long-awaited final season of Game of Thrones premiered Sunday night with what TV critic Willa Paskin calls a “blandly decent” episode, lacking any forward movement. Elsewhere, Rachelle Hampton and Sam Adams restarted Slate’s weekly ritual of naming the Worst Person in Westeros. There were many to choose from.

By the book: While Sally Rooney’s first novel, Conversations With Friends, was considered quintessentially millennial, her latest has a kinship with Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë. Laura Miller says Normal People does what “the novel has always done and does better than any other medium on earth: tell a story about how people decide who to love and what they do about it.”

Stars for a cause: Do we have a moral obligation to leave online reviews for things? With the help of a philosophy professor and Immanuel Kant, Stephen Harrison lays out the situations in which we should feel compelled to Yelp.

For fun: Why do people keep setting baseball fields on fire?

A poor decision was made,