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Swastikas Found at Famously Elite, Progressive D.C. School Sidwell Friends

Sidwell Friends School.
Sidwell Friends School AgnosticPreachersKid/Wikimedia Commons

A student assembly at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., was cut short after students beamed racist usernames and swastikas onto a screen, HuffPost reported Wednesday.

Sidwell, one of the country’s top preparatory schools, is famously progressive and has educated generations of D.C.’s elites. But the school has not been immune to the rise of hate speech and hate crimes on campuses across the U.S., according to HuffPost: In recent months, a swastika was found drawn on a whiteboard in the school, while others were found etched into benches in a school assembly room.


As HuffPost described the Wednesday gathering, 500 high school students had assembled in a meeting room for a presentation on a refugee-focused nonprofit. Afterward, the presenter invited students to use their phones to log into a trivia contest that was projected, with the students’ answers, onto a screen. Students coined their own usernames, and several chose ones “racist toward Asians and Native Americans,” according to an email the school sent to parents. Two of the usernames included swastika emojis.

After one username consisting of just two swastikas rose to the top of the leaderboard, the room went quiet, one student told HuffPost. A school administrator ordered the presenter to shut down the game. The school sent an email to parents Wednesday night condemning the incident and vowing to find the students responsible.