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The Angle: The No Rights Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Supreme Court’s immigration ruling, Beto O’Rourke, and March Madness.

Absolutely trammeled: SCOTUS ruled today that due process can be suspended for certain immigrants who were previously jailed or convicted but have since been released, stripping immigrants of rights and giving ICE even more power. Why did they do this? Mark Joseph Stern writes, “To reach this result, the court’s conservative justices manipulated the plain text of a federal statute and ignored basic principles of due process.”

What’s this guy got for me and you? Contrary to expectations, Beto O’Rourke hauled in an impressive amount of money in the 24 hours following his 2020 candidacy announcement. But that’s only more reason to be skeptical of his run, as Josh Voorhees claims. Meanwhile, Beto has finally laid out a firm policy stance: While backing away from single-payer, he has endorsed another policy called Medicare for America. Jordan Weissmann explains just what exactly the difference is.

The most wonderful time of the year: That’s right, folks—it’s time to bust out those brackets for the NCAA basketball tournament. If you’re fretting over which teams to bet on for the long haul, and especially which team to pick as the victor, don’t worry too much—Chris Wilson has looked at all the stats, and he’s got you covered.

Workin’ for whom? The new-to-Netflix show Workin’ Moms says it gets “real” about motherhood, but it’s a very specific and unattainable kind of motherhood. According to Sarah Jaffe, the Canadian show not only glosses over the painful and unseen realities working mothers have to contend with, but also peddles outright dangerous misinformation about postpartum depression.

For fun: The Shawarma of Hudson Yards.

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