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The Angle: The Vetoed Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the vote against Trump’s national emergency, a legal victory for victims of gun violence, and Mayor Pete.

“VETO!”: The day Mitch McConnell had been dreading has finally arrived: The Senate voted today to negate President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration. The 59–41 vote isn’t veto-proof, but 12 Republicans had to go against their president to save face with voters. Jim Newell explains what the Senate’s up to next.

A victory, for once: Today, the Connecticut Supreme Court allowed families of Sandy Hook victims to pursue a lawsuit against Remington, the gun manufacturer that produced the weapon that Adam Lanza used to kill their loved ones. Mark Joseph Stern analyzes the argument—which claims that Remington purposefully marked its weapons for illegal usage—and why it so far withstands legal scrutiny.

Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor, sir: In an increasingly cluttered candidate field, one long shot has been steadily making more of a name for himself. That’s right, folks, it’s Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, the first-ever millennial presidential candidate. What’s the secret behind his newfound national appeal? Ben Mathis-Lilley breaks it down.

Bird brain: Rachel Withers recently landed in the ER in Mexico City after a car hit her while she was riding an electric scooter through a busy roundabout. Like most e-scooter users, she wasn’t wearing a helmet. Realizing she could have died that day, Withers thinks about what e-scooter companies should be doing to keep their riders’ skulls safe.

For fun: Who said it: Beto O’Rourke or the guy from Phish?

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