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Flyers With Swastikas Found at California High School That Went Viral for Swastika Beer Pong Photo

Newport Harbor High School.
Chad Dulake/Wikipedia

A California high school that had been grappling with a scandal in which a photo of students giving a Nazi salute circulated on social media is investigating another anti-Semitic incident on campus.


At least 10 flyers, some of which contained swastikas, were found plastered around Newport Harbor High School over the weekend, just days after Anne Frank’s stepsister came to the school to speak with students and share her stories of surviving the Holocaust. According to local media reports, police are investigating the incident, and it’s not known if students or outside groups were behind the posters.

On March 3, a photo surfaced on social media of students raising their arms in a Nazi salute at a party while standing around a large swastika formed by several dozen red Solo Cups. The photo gained national attention, and rallies, vigils, and meetings to discuss anti-Semitism in the community were held.

On Thursday, the 89-year-old Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss, whose mother later married Anne Frank’s father, met with the teenagers to talk to them about the horrors of the Holocaust. They apologized and told her that they hadn’t thought through any potential consequences or harm when they’d taken the photo. Several later wrote letters of apology to the Jewish community.