The Angle

The Angle: The Reporting for Duty Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Mueller report, Tucker Carlson, and Jacinda Ardern.

Mulling: Folks, the Mueller report has been delivered! You can read the full text of the letter Attorney General William Barr sent to Congress after receiving it here. And Simon Lazarus makes the argument for why Barr should release the report to the public immediately.

American hustle: Who is Tucker Carlson, really? Is he a once-legitimate conservative journalist lead astray by the sensational nature of TV punditry? Is he the ultimate devil’s advocate? Is he an unserious contrarian? It’s all this and much more: He’s the epitome of the rich American huckster, so often portrayed in pop culture and upheld by a mass media in love with its own power and voice. Lili Loofbourow takes a deep look at this troubling man of many contradictions.

Another way: Instead of demonizing minorities or calling for revenge, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern responded to the Christchurch mosque shootings with grief and compassion. Danny Li says this model for public emotion—not fear and anger—is the way to preserve and bolster democratic politics.

A filthy past: The Dirt, the new biopic about rock band Mötley Crüe based on the book of the same name, premieres today on Netflix. Christopher R. Weingarten examines how the film feels like a time capsule of a troubling past era, when the mass celebration of “rock star behavior” ignored how often women were treated terribly by these hard-partying public figures.

For fun: The outrage over a Google tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach.

Bach to the future,