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The Angle: Varsity Disenfranchised Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Florida GOP, being black in mostly white academic spaces, and Somalia.

Disenfranchised again: Florida Republicans are moving forward with a legislative poison pill that would re-disenfranchise anywhere from hundreds of thousands to 1.1 million felons who regained their rights to vote in a signal ballot measure to change the state constitution last year. Mark Joseph Stern has more on how and why Florida’s GOP apparatus might undo the will of the voters.

Black and ivy: In the wake of revelations last week about the “Varsity Blues” college admissions bribery scandal, a rich conversation has bloomed about the ways elite college admissions are tilted toward affluent white kids. Rachelle Hampton sat down with Jamelle Bouie, Aisha Harris, and Carvell Wallace for a bracing discussion of their own experiences navigating predominantly white academic spaces while black. They touch on affirmative action, impostor syndrome, being told they were unworthy of their spots, and the need to be unimpeachable in every way, even to this day.

Bloodshed: While debate over U.S. intervention in Syria and Yemen has intensified, the Trump administration has been increasingly bombing Somalia, an already war-torn country, in the reported interest of going after terrorist group al-Shabab. Experts say this campaign is wasteful and that innocent civilians have likely died in the process. Joshua Keating explains why we should be paying more attention.

Beautiful tragedy: Catastrophe is the rare romantic comedy that, in its later seasons, settled in to focus on “the challenges of marital endurance and the ripe satisfactions thereof,” writes Inkoo Kang. Its fourth and final season is bittersweet. Haunted by real-life death, the series is disappearing right when this type of rom-com feels so necessary.

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