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The Angle: Photoshopped Pole Vaulter Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the big college admissions scandal bust, Boeing’s 737 Max, and Kevin McCarthy.

Bling Ring 2: We have all been totally captivated today by the revelation of a $25 million college admissions cheating scam that has swept up actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and involves bribes, SAT cheating, fraudulent athletic recruiting, and even photoshopped images of kids posed as athletes. Molly Olmstead has the juiciest bits from the FBI indictment, and Willa Paskin reflects on why it all feels like “so much stupid fun.” Plus, Lori Loughlin’s daughters are Instagram influencers, because, of course.

Crashed: The Ethiopian Airlines crash over the weekend that killed all 157 people on board is the second fatal crash in just five months involving Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft. There are still a lot of questions about the disasters, but two deadly crashes in such rapid succession for this new type of aircraft is unusual and alarming. Pilot Jeff Wise explains how Boeing could be to blame for flaws in the model.

Pot, meet kettle: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been railing against comments, made by freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, that he has publicly asserted as not only anti-Semitic but anti-American. Will Saletan notes, however, that McCarthy has conveniently ignored a history of similar (and explicitly worse) remarks from his own party, making the whole crusade nothing more than political theater.

No more mug shots: Thanks to recent legislation in New York and a California criminal case against one of the largest online mug shot websites, it might be the end of days for the digital economy of booking photos. Sarah Esther Lageson explains why keeping the photos offline is more complicated than it may seem.

For fun: The least self-aware tweet in history.

But what about William H. Macy though?