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Alan Dershowitz Replied All to the Entire Media Again to Defend Paul Manafort’s Lenient Sentence for Fraud

Dershowitz sits at a desk on stage next to a small dog puppet that has a cigar in its mouth.
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Alan Dershowitz recording an election-related program in 2016. John Lamparski/Getty Images for Hulu

A week ago, we told you the tale of how famed attorney Alan Dershowitz cc’d 20 media organizations on his reply to an anonymous citizen who’d sent all of them an email outlining his/her thoughts about Donald Trump. It is now our pleasure to report that this epistolary relationship continues.

Here’s what still-anonymous “disqus one” wrote to Slate, Dershowitz, and 19 other media entities, including the Washington Post and Syracuse’s student newspaper, at 8:28 p.m. Thursday night about the surprisingly light sentence Virginia federal Judge T.S. Ellis III gave Paul Manafort for various financial fraud convictions:


Judge Ellis just kicked a hornets nest in to the white house!

Manafort light sentence will backfire all over Trump and his kids.

Manafort was given a very light sentence of 47 months and way below the guidelines and that is going to make Mueller, SDNY and state AG’s furious and they will take it out on Trump and his kids.

Feds and Ag’s do not take it laying down when a criminal like Manafort escapes justice and that is very likely to affect the way Mueller and the SDNY and NY state AG’s go after Trump and his kids from here on out.

The judge kicked a hornets nest right in to the white house!

(Manafort still faces sentencing next Wednesday on other charges that were filed in a different jurisdiction.)

Here’s what Dershowitz sent back at 9:04 p.m.:

Long sentence for someone his age. Ellis understands that they went after him only to get trump. 
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A great dialogue going on here. We’ll keep you posted if it continues; we’ve also reached out to disqus one for comment.