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The Angle: The No Class Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on a new Supreme Court abortion case, Puerto Rican citizenship, and El Chapo.

The end of Roe: After Roe v. Wade, conservative activists and judges took their anti-abortion crusades to the statehouses, shutting down clinic after clinic through laws and judicial rulings premised on complete lies about the nature of abortion. Now, the Supreme Court, with new far-right judges, is ready to examine the abortion-rights question again this week with June Medical Services v. Gee. Dahlia Lithwick probes the situation that could very well mean the immediate overturning of Roe v. Wade, and the history that paved the way for this moment.

Second-class citizenship: U.S. District Judge Gustavo Gelpí has accused the federal government of creating a “citizenship apartheid” discriminating against residents of Puerto Rico in his ruling on a case concerning Social Security benefits. Mark Joseph Stern explains how the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage protects Puerto Ricans’ rights too.

No folk hero: Popular songs and TV shows painted Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán as a Sinaloan Robin Hood, but his ongoing trial in a Brooklyn federal court reveals him for the monster he is. León Krauze writes that it’s time we stopped calling him El Chapo: “This is not a man who deserves a nickname or any other term of endearment.”

Space cowboys: If the administration gets its way, we’re getting a Space Force. But what will we call the service members who join? Army Col. Dennis Wille breaks down a few options, but welcomes additional suggestions as long as you tag them #RealSpaceForce.

For fun: Candlepin bowling, aka real bowling.

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