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The Angle: The Bodied Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on abortion, sextortion, and payment proportions.

Safe—for now: On Thursday, Chief Justice John Roberts joined the liberals to strike down a restrictive Louisiana abortion law in June Medical Services v. Gee. But, Mark Joseph Stern observes, Brett Kavanaugh’s dissent shows that the ultraconservative justice will stop at nothing to overturn Roe v. Wade. Meanwhile, Margot Finn tells the story of her own late-term abortion and choosing to give her daughter peace rather than a torturous life, and describes how it feels to be labeled a “murderer” by right-wingers.

You’ve got a lotta nerve: On Thursday night, Jeff Bezos published a blog post alleging that American Media Inc., the company that publishes the National Enquirer, attempted to blackmail the Amazon CEO into calling off his private investigation into the magazine. If this is true, this could be legally disastrous for the company in many, many ways. Frank Bowman breaks it down.

Merchless: The Proud Boys are suddenly finding it a lot harder to hawk their far-right wares on their e-commerce site That’s because, April Glaser reports, Square, Chase, and PayPal all just pulled their payment processing services from the site. “The ability to sell things and collect money online matters a lot to the Proud Boys,” Glaser writes, but can they find any platforms willing to work with them?

House party: Maybe you saw the listing of that Philadelphia house that happened to have photos of some … kinky items in the basement. What is that place? Why is the sex room there? Dan Kois called the Realtor to find out.

For fun: Ariana Grande and NASA: a love story.

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