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The Angle: The Barnes Dance Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Green New Deal, Utah’s anti-trans bill, and Nancy Pelosi memes.

Not green enough: Today, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey released the outline of the Green New Deal, an ambitious legislative framework to handle the climate crisis and reduce American inequality. However, Alex Baca notes that the deal in its current form omits a significant issue: where citizens live. But “if we do account for land use, we will get much closer to a safe, sustainable, and resilient future.”

Bureaucratic discrimination: Evan Urquhart reports on a proposed bill in Utah that would make it illegal for transgender people to update their sex on their birth certificates. If requiring sex markers on official documents helps to institutionalize discrimination against trans people, Urquhart also wonders, why don’t we just end this practice altogether?

Queen Pelosi: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has lived long enough to become a meme, most recently via the highly GIF-able moment of her clapping back sarcastically at the president during Tuesday’s State of the Union address. Is the internet praise condescending or empowering? Christina Cauterucci weighs in.

Two sides: Even as China ramps up government surveillance on its citizens, it’s expanding consumer privacy protections and cracking down on tech companies’ data collection. Samm Sacks and Lorand Laskai explain this disjuncture between privacy from commercial surveillance and privacy from government surveillance.

For fun: A Q&A with the congresswoman who raised the roof.

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