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Trump Supporter Attacks BBC Cameraman at Rally

The man, wearing a brown shirt and red MAGA hat, is escorted off the platform, surrounded by reporters with cameras.
The man who assaulted a BBC cameraman is escorted off the media riser at a rally on Monday in El Paso, Texas. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A man wearing a Make America Great Again hat and shouting “f— the media” violently shoved a BBC cameraman at President Trump’s rally in El Paso on Monday night. A number of people in the crowd chanted “let him go” and “CNN sucks” as the man was led away.

Footage taken by the cameraman, Ron Skeans, showed that the attacker nearly knocked the camera from Skeans’ hands more than once before the man was wrestled away and taken from the media platform. The BBC’s Washington correspondent told the BBC that his colleague was “fine” but that it had been “an incredibly violent attack,” and a BBC producer who was also at the rally said the man had attacked other news crews but Skeans “got the brunt of it.”

Reporters have often been the target of jeering and threats at Trump’s campaign events. At Monday’s rally, the president once again called the press “fake news,” according to reports from the rally.

“I guess 93 percent of the stories are negative,” Trump told the crowd, according to USA Today. “No matter what we do they figure out a way to make it bad.” The crowd responded by booing.

After the assault on the press platform, the president “confirmed Mr. Skeans was well with a thumbs up,” according to the BBC. A campaign official suggested to the BBC that the supporter had been drunk.