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Trump Line About Female Employment Co-opted by Democratic Women Who Took All the Jobs in Congress From Republican Men

The congresswomen, all dressed in white, cheer and clap.
Democratic female lawmakers celebrate at the State of the Union on Tuesday at the Capitol in Washington. Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

One of Donald Trump’s standard rhetorical tropes is suggesting that women and people of color should support him because female and minority employment has risen during his presidency. The implicit argument is that these economic considerations should override the lewd and insulting things he says about members of those groups, which is a dubious argument even without considering that employment in all demographics had been rising for years before he took office.

At the State of the Union on Tuesday night Trump tried this out again, specifically regarding women filling new jobs, only to find that he had created a major “self-own” situation because he was speaking to an audience composed in significant part of Democratic congresswomen who had just won office (in many cases replacing Republican men) in record numbers.

At least he was gracious. And look at Jared. Jared loved it! (By the way, they’re wearing white as a tribute to the suffrage movement.)