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The Angle: The New Ways Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the transgender troops ban, gun rights, the TSA, and fining Facebook.

There’s more: This morning, the Supreme Court lifted two injunctions against Trump’s transgender troops ban, but as Mark Joseph Stern points out, this doesn’t mean that the discriminatory measure is now in effect—there’s one more injunction blocking it. Meanwhile, SCOTUS took up a case today regarding the public carry of arms. With Justice Anthony Kennedy gone, Stern predicts the court will be all too happy to appease gun-rights groups.

Sick day: One month into the shutdown, TSA workers could force the government’s hand by calling in sick en masse—and, Henry Grabar argues, they shouldn’t be deterred by the precedent of the disastrous 1981 air traffic controllers strike broken by President Ronald Reagan. Grabar explains why this time is different and how airport screeners could succeed where the air traffic controllers failed.

Face(book) the consequences: As the FTC prepares to levy a potentially record-breaking fine against Facebook for violating a years-old agreement—leaving in place bad practices that led to the Cambridge Analytica scandal—April Glaser looks at the stakes. It’s unlikely any fine for Facebook will amount to more than a financial slap on the wrist, but the FTC could get creative if the money comes from … Mark Zuckerberg’s own pockets.

This is how we do it: Today, Slate launched its first-ever sex advice column, How to Do It. It’s like Dear Prudence, without the prude. In their first column, Stoya and Rich Juzwiak answer questions about sleeping with a woman who’s a #MeToo advocate at work but very different in bed, a partner who only wants to do it with the lights out, and why “vanilla” sex gets such a bad rap. Submit all your burning questions!

For fun: Oscar noms are out. So which movie is the Best Picture front-runner?

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