The Angle

The Angle: The Ninth Circle of Hell Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Three Amigos, in vitro fertilization, and Richard E. Grant’s Wikipedia page.

Amigos: Alfonso Cuarón is poised to win big at the Oscars with Roma, but he and his filmmaker friends Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro González Iñárritu have been dominating the Oscars for years now. León Krauze reveals the secret to their success—with help from actor Diego Luna.

IVF and inconvenience: As the fight for paid family leave gains steam, Katherine Goldstein investigates the lesser-discussed challenges couples who deal with infertility face. Perhaps most often, these challenges manifest in cold employer policies: “Companies are often caught flat-footed, with many lacking precedent and clear policies—leaving managers and HR staffers to make their own judgments.”

This man was in Spice World: Richard E. Grant, Oscar-nominated for Can You Ever Forgive Me?, is winning this awards season with his wit, storytelling flair, and endearing social media presence. But did you also know he is allergic to alcohol, grew up in Swaziland, and has a unisex perfume called Jack? Learn all this and more in Heather Schwedel’s ranking of the weirdest things on the actor’s Wikipedia page.

Standing in the same spot: Two lovely excerpts from Brian Dillon’s essay collection In the Dark Room describe the feeling of how familiar spaces—a room, a hallway, an entire house—change permanently when someone you love dies: “If only we could name the emptiness, we would surely be better able to navigate around it, to keep moving. But time and again we find ourselves stranded in these ludicrous poses.”

For fun: Is it too soon for a board game about the Salisbury nerve agent attack?

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