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The Angle: But Her Email Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Marci Whitaker, the Fifth Amendment, and antitrust.

Who said email is dead? After Mark Joseph Stern and Dahlia Lithwick published a detailed piece criticizing acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker earlier this week, Whitaker’s wife, Marci, sent Stern an email in which she revealed her thoughts on the Mueller investigation, the government shutdown, and this very publication. You can read it in full here.

Lock and key: A U.S. District Court has ruled that the police can’t force you to unlock your phone using biometric features such as face and fingerprint recognition—a win for privacy, right? Kind of. Josephine Wolff argues that the decision “ignores the fundamental idea that what the Fifth Amendment protects is the contents of your mind—not the pattern of your fingertip.”

New sheriff in town: The U.S. government hasn’t done much in the way of antitrust since the landmark Microsoft case in 1998. Now, Rep. David Cicilline has announced plans to tackle monopoly power in the tech industry. April Glaser says it’s a promising step toward reining in the likes of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Love after loss: Do read Kate Axelrod’s beautiful, moving essay about falling in love with a widower, and his young daughter, as he mourns the recent death of his wife. Axelrod discusses the ways she’s found to give her boyfriend space to grieve, how she’s navigated her new role as caretaker to his child, and the warm, confusing, loving jumble of a family they’ve formed. It will warm your heart.

For fun: An ulterior motive for the #10YearChallenge?

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