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Kids Are Weird. You Can Be Weird Too.

Author Hillary Frank is here to give you permission to tell white lies and make everything a game.*

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On The Gist, get off of your phone and out of my way when it’s snowing.

In the interview, there’s no one right way to raise a child, but a few hacks sure help. Podcaster, author, and mother Hillary Frank gives you permission to do what it takes to make your kid’s childhood easier on you, including turning tasks into games and telling white lies (call pork “chicken” if that’s all they’ll eat). Hillary Frank is the creator of The Longest Shortest Time and the author of Weird Parenting Wins.

In the Spiel, centrism sucks.

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Correction, Feb. 1, 2019: This post originally misidentified Hillary Frank as a “professional mom.” She is an author.