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Damn, It’s Cold!

Two people walk on a snow-covered bridge against the backdrop of the Minneapolis skyline.
The Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis on Tuesday. Stephen Maturen/AFP/Getty Images

It’s cold out!

Wind chills are in the minus 60s in Minnesota. That’s cold!

It’s so cold that even the postal service is suspending deliveries in some parts of the Midwest. Yikes!

It’s minus 21 degrees Fahrenheit in Chicago, a record for today’s date, and it might get cold enough to break the city’s all-time low-temperature mark of minus 27. Wow!

It’s minus 33 in Fargo, North Dakota. That’s cold—and yet still a far cry from Fargo’s all-time cold record, which is minus 48. Minus 48 …. now that’s real cold!


It’s even cold in places that aren’t usually cold. It’s 25 in Memphis—pretty cold, for Memphis!

It’s not quite as cold on the East Coast as in the Midwest, but it’s still getting colder. The temperature is expected to drop as low as 6 tonight in New York City, with “snow squalls” and winds as high as 46 mph expected during rush hour—which means it’s going to be a real fun time to pick my son up from day care and push him 11 blocks home!

The low temperatures are expected to last several more days, the National Weather Service says!

It’s too cold!