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White Nationalist Leader Posts Pictures of Casual White House Visit a Day After Midterms

The South Portico of the White House.
This is your Trump White House in action. Alex Wong/Getty Images

A day after the midterms, the stakes of the Trump presidency were again on display Wednesday, as Patrick Casey, the leader of the white nationalist neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa visited the White House. Casey posted pictures on Twitter of the South Lawn of the White House along with the caption “Evropa has landed at the White House!” It’s unclear the nature and extent of the visit, but the area Casey is accessing is pretty clearly outside the bounds of what would be a normal White House tour. For access to the working parts of the White House, visitors must be accompanied by a staff member. Casey posed for photographs outside the South Portico of the White House and in front of the Oval Office from South Lawn Road.

Identity Evropa is an attempt at rebranding far-right white nationalism as a more benign identity-focused organization promoting “European identity.” Under Casey’s leadership, the Southern Poverty Law Center notes, the group has moved into “more mainstream conservative spaces, like the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference.” A sympathetic White House couldn’t hurt. Members, like Casey, consider themselves “identitarians,” which like the “alt-right” is a sanitized description of white nationalism. Some in the organization, however, were involved in the organization of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville last year, though Identity Evropa has attempted to distance itself from the rally and the negative fallout.

“We don’t believe America needs to be 100.00 percent white, but we do think that America isn’t going to be America if there isn’t a European-America super-majority,” Casey said in an interview in January. “So when it comes to policies and so forth we’re concerned with reversing these trends. We want to end immigration for the time being. And in the future we would like to have immigration policies that favor high-skilled immigrants from, you know, Europe, Canada, Australia and so forth. And we also do want to have programs of re-migration wherein people who feel more of a connection to another part of the world, another race, another culture, even another religion in the case of Islam can return to their native homelands essentially.”