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A Reporter Asked Trump About Two Muslim Women Winning Seats in Congress. He Claimed He Couldn’t Understand Her.

At his typically messy press conference, President Donald Trump was asked by a reporter about the two Muslim women, one in a hijab, who won historic seats in Congress yesterday. She wanted to know if it was a “rebuke” to his policies. He responded by telling the reporter, apparently from an international outlet, that he didn’t understand her—presumably, her accent. Watch below and prepare to grit your teeth.

The reporter is perfectly intelligible, and I’d venture to say her English is actually clearer than Trump’s. Perhaps he didn’t understand what “rebuke” means? It recalled the time Trump tried to pretend he didn’t condemn David Duke and the KKK in an interview because of a “bad earpiece”—an obvious deflection maneuver. On Wednesday it did allow him to talk about something else: some nonsense about how black and Hispanic voters are warming to him, which evidently has something to do with Muslim women winning in Congress.

It wasn’t even Trump’s worst moment of the day: He also accused a black reporter of racism after she asked about him positioning himself as a nationalist. But it did suggest that the pair of wins on Tuesday got under his skin.