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Two Countries, at the Cost of One

If polarized electoral results like Tuesday’s repeat themselves, America may soon feel like two separate nations.

Mike Pesca, Dahlia Lithwick, Jamelle Bouie, and Jim Newell sit onstage.
Mike Pesca, Dahlia Lithwick, Jamelle Bouie, and Jim Newell at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center on Thursday.
Berman Fenelus

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On The Gist, by any previous standard, we’d be saying that President Donald Trump lost the midterms, plain and simple.

In the interview, Tuesday’s midterms saw red states get redder and blue ones bluer. If results like those keep repeating themselves, Slate panelists—Dahlia Lithwick, Jamelle Bouie, and Jim Newell, hosted live in New York by Mike Pesca—say America could soon feel like two distinct legal worlds.

In the Spiel, Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was a tight end at the University of Iowa! And uh, that tells us nothing about his character.

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