Political Gabfest

The “Not Off the Table” Edition

The Political Gabfest discusses the mounting number of liars linked to the Trump administration, Trump’s confrontation with the courts over asylum, and the future of the census.

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On this week’s Slate Political Gabfest, Emily Bazelon, David Plotz, and John Dickerson discuss the mounting number of liars related to Mueller’s investigation, President Trump’s confrontation with the courts over the border, and the lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s plans to add a citizenship question to the census.

Here are some of the links and references from this week’s show:


• Amanda Holpuch for the Guardian: “Timeline: Trump and Associates Denied Russia Involvement at Least 20 Times

• George P. Shultz and Pedro Aspe for the Washington Post: “How We Can Help the Migrant Caravan

• Ross Douthat for the New York Times: “The Two-Emperor Problem


• Peter Dreier for the American Prospect: “John Roberts (the Tortoise) Is Outrunning Trump (the Hare)

• Emily Bazelon for the New York Times Magazine: “In Donald Trump’s Census, Who Counts?

• Wall Street Journal Editorial Board: “Trump’s Crude Realpolitik

Here are this week’s cocktail chatters:

John: Minwoo Park and Yijin Kim for Reuters: “South Koreans Lock Themselves Up to Escape Prison of Daily Life” and “Nuns Fret Not at Their Convent’s Narrow Room” by William Wordsworth


Emily: Sarah Ruiz-Grossman for HuffPost: “Earlonne Woods, Co-Host Of Ear Hustle Podcast, Has Sentence Commuted

David: Julie K. Brown for the Miami Herald: “Cops Worked to Put Serial Sex Abuser in Prison. Prosecutors Worked to Cut Him a Break

Listener chatter from Matt Cady @realmateofeo: A short video about all the thought that went into the transition from rotary to dial phones: Phone Buttons - Numberphile.

For this week’s Slate Plus bonus segment the hosts discuss which moment they would change if they could choose one in American history.

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