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Democrats Win the House Seats They Need to Seal Majority

The inside of the House chamber, shaded blue and red
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Brendan SmialowskiAFP/Getty Images.

Update, 12:23 a.m.: Democrats have picked up more than the 23 seats they need to take control of the House of Representatives. Below are 112 districts that were in play on Election Day: the races that leaned or were likely Democrat or Republican wins, as well as true toss-ups, as rated by RealClearPolitics.

We have been updating this list throughout the night as results are announced. We will indicate the winner in bold and note each candidate’s share of the vote at the time the race is called by a major news outlet. (Incumbents are marked with an asterisk*.) While you wait, check out all of Slate’s election night coverage.

At-Large District:
Alyse Galvin (D): 45.8%
*Don Young (R): 54.2%

1st District:
*Thomas O’Halleran (D): 53.3%
Wendy Rogers (R): 46.7%

2nd District:
Ann Kirkpatrick (D): 55.5%
Lea Marquez Peterson (R): 44.5%

6th District
Anita Malik (D): 43.6%
*David Schweikert (R): 56.4%

8th District
*Debbie Lesko (R): 56.6%
Hiral Tipirneni (D): 43.4%

9th District
Steve Ferrara (R): 40.4%
Greg Stanton (D): 59.6%

2nd District
*French Hill (R): 52.9%
Clarke Tucker (D): 45%

4th District
*Tom McClintock (R): 55.3%
Jessica Morse (D): 44.7%

7th District
*Ami Bera (D): 52.7%
Andrew Grant (R): 47.3%

10th District
*Jeff Denham (R): 50.6%
Josh Harder (D): 49.4%

21st District
TJ Cox (D): 46.3%
*David Valadao (R): 53.7%

22nd District
Andrew Janz (D): 44.2%
*Devin Nunes (R): 55.8%

24th District
*Salud Carbajal (D): 56%
Justin Fareed (R): 44%

25th District:
Katie Hill (D): 51.3%
*Stephen Knight (R): 48.7%

3rd District
Diane Mitsch Bush (D): 42%
*Scott Tipton (R): 53.5%

6th District:
*Mike Coffman (R): 44.7%
Jason Crow (D): 52.8%

6th District
Nancy Soderberg (D): 43.3%
Michael Waltz (R): 56.7%

7th District
Mike Miller (R): 42.7%
*Stephanie Murphy (D): 57.3%

13th District
George Buck (R): 42%
*Charlie Crist (D): 58%

15th District:
Kristen Carlson (D): 46.9%
Ross Spano (R): 53.1%

16th District
*Vern Buchanan (R): 54.6%
David Shapiro (D): 45.4%

18th District
Lauren Baer (D): 45.6%
*Brian Mast (R): 54.4%

25th District
*Mario Diaz-Balart (R): 61.2%
Mary Barzee Flores (D): 38.8%

26th District:
*Carlos Curbelo (R): 49.3%
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D): 50.7%

27th District:
Maria Salazar (R): 46.0%
Donna Shalala (D): 51.7%

6th District:
*Karen Handel (R): 49.5%
Lucy McBath (D): 50.5%

7th District
Carolyn Bourdeaux (D): 49.3%
*Rob Woodall (R): 50.7%

6th District:
Sean Casten (D): 53%
*Peter Roskam (R): 47%

12th District
*Mike Bost (R): 53.4%
Brendan Kelly (D): 43.5%

13th District
*Rodney Davis (R): 50.7%
Betsy Londrigan (D): 49.3%

14th District:
*Randy Hultgren (R): 48.4%
Lauren Underwood (D): 51.6%

2nd District
Mel Hall (D): 42.8%
*Jackie Walorski (R): 57.2%

1st District:
*Rod Blum (R): 45.4%
Abby Finkenauer (D): 51.6%

2nd District
*Dave Loebsack (D): 55.2%
Chris Peters (R): 42.4%

3rd District:
Cindy Axne (D): 50%
*David Young (R): 46.6%

4th District
*Steve King (R): 49.2%
J.D. Scholten (D): 48.3%

2nd District:
Paul Davis (D): 46.4%
Steve Watkins (R): 48.1%

3rd District:
Sharice Davids (D): 53%
*Kevin Yoder (R): 45%
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6th District:
*Andy Barr (R): 50.9%
Amy McGrath (D): 47.9%
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2nd District:
Jared Golden (D): 45.9%
*Bruce Poliquin (R): 46%

6th District
Matt Longjohn (D): 46.2%
*Fred Upton (R): 49.6%

7th District
Gretchen Driskell (D): 46.1%
*Tim Walberg (R): 53.9%

8th District:
*Mike Bishop (R): 46.8%
Elissa Slotkin (D): 50.6%

11th District:
Lena Epstein (R): 43.8%
Haley Stevens (D): 53.6%

1st District:
Dan Feehan (D): 49.8%
Jim Hagedorn (R): 50.2%

2nd District:
Angie Craig (D): 52%
*Jason Lewis (R): 48%

3rd District:
*Erik Paulsen (R): 43.9%
Dean Phillips (D): 56.1%

7th District:
Dave Hughes (R): 47.9%
*Collin Peterson (D): 52.1%

8th District:
Joe Radinovich (D): 42.2%
Pete Stauber (R): 53.8%

2nd District
Cort VanOstran (D): 47%
*Ann Wagner (R): 51.4%

At-large district:
*Greg Gianforte (R): 52.6%
Kathleen Williams (D): 44.6%

2nd District
*Don Bacon (R): 51.6%
Kara Eastman (D): 48.4%

1st District:
Eddie Edwards (R): 45.9%
Chris Pappas (D): 52.6%

2nd District
*Annie Kuster (D): 58.1%
Steve Negron (R): 39.6%

2nd District:
Seth Grossman (R): 46.2%
Jeff Van Drew (D): 52%

3rd District:
Andrew Kim (D): 48.9%
*Tom MacArthur (R): 49.8%

5th District
*Josh Gottheimer (D): 53.6%
John McCann (R): 45.1%

7th District:
*Leonard Lance (R): 48.2%
Tom Malinowski (D): 50.3%

11th District:
Mikie Sherrill (D): 58.4%
Jay Webber (R): 40.4%

1st District
Janice Arnold-Jones (R): 35.8%
Deb Haaland (D): 60.3%

2nd District
Yvette Herrell (R): 50.5%
Xochitl Torres Small (D): 49.5%

1st District
Perry Gershon (D): 33%
*Lee Zeldin (R): 66.3%

2nd District
*Peter King (R): 53.3%
Liuba Grechen Shirley (D): 46.7%

3rd District
Dan DeBono (R): 41.8%
*Tom Suozzi (D): 58.2%

11th District
*Daniel Donovan (R): 47.9%
Max Rose (D): 51.7%
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18th District
*Sean Maloney (D): 54.3%
James O’Donnell (R): 45.7%

19th District:
Antonio Delgado (D): 49.8%
*John Faso (R): 47.6%

22nd District:
Anthony Brindisi (D): 50.3%
*Claudia Tenney (R): 49.7%

24th District
Dana Balter (D): 46%
*John Katko (R): 54%

27th District
*Chris Collins (R): 49.5%
Nate McMurray (D): 48.4%
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3rd District:
Susie Lee (D): 51.9%
Danny Tarkanian (R): 42.8%

4th District:
Cresent Hardy (R): 43.7%
Steven Horsford (D): 52%

2nd District
Linda Coleman (D): 46.3%
*George Holding (R): 51%

8th District
*Richard Hudson (R): 54%
Frank McNeill (D): 46%

9th District:
Mark Harris (R): 49.4%
Dan McCready (D): 48.8%

13th District
*Ted Budd (R): 52.1%
Kathy Manning (D): 45.1%

1st District
*Steve Chabot (R): 56.2%
Aftab Pureval (D): 42%

10th District
Theresa Gasper (D): 44.3%
*Michael Turner (R): 53.9%

12th District
*Troy Balderson (R): 51.7%
Danny O’Connor (D): 47%

14th District
*David Joyce (R): 56.8%
Betsy Rader (D): 43.2%

5th District
Kendra Horn (D): 50.7%
*Steve Russell (R): 49.3%

5th District
Mark Callahan (R): 41.9%
*Kurt Schrader (D): 55.5%

1st District:
*Brian Fitzpatrick (R): 51.3%
Scott Wallace (D): 48.7%

5th District:
Pearl Kim (R): 41%
Mary Gay Scanlon (D): 59%

6th District:
Chrissy Houlahan (D): 60.4%
Greg McCauley (R): 39.6%
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7th District:
Marty Nothstein (R): 38.3%
Susan Wild (D): 59.0%

8th District
*Matt Cartwright (D): 55.1%
John Chrin (R): 44.9%

10th District:
*Scott Perry (R): 51.4%
George Scott (D): 48.6%

14th District:
*Bibiana Boerio (D): 41.9%
Guy Reschenthaler (R): 58.1%

16th District:
Ronald DiNicola (D): 47.6%
*Mike Kelly (R): 51.2%

17th District:
Conor Lamb (D): 59.4%
*Keith Rothfus (R): 40.6%
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7th District:
*John Culberson (R): 48.1%
Lizzie Fletcher (D): 51.9%
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21st District
Joseph Kopser (D): 47%
Chip Roy (R): 51.1%

22nd District
Sri Preston Kulkarni (D): 46.1%
*Pete Olson (R): 51.9%

23rd District
*Will Hurd (R): 49.6%
Gina Ortiz Jones (D): 48.4%

32nd District:
Colin Allred (D): 52%
*Pete Sessions (R): 46.2%

4th District:
*Mia Love (R): 48.7%
Ben McAdams (D): 51.3%

2nd District
Elaine Luria (D): 50.9%
*Scott Taylor (R): 49.1%

5th District:
Leslie Cockburn (D): 44.5%
Denver Riggleman (R): 55.5%

7th District:
*David Brat (R): 48.7%
Abigail Spanberger (D): 50.1%

10th District:
*Barbara Comstock (R): 41.9%
Jennifer Wexton (D): 58.1%

3rd District
*Jaime Herrera Beutler (R): 52.3%
Carolyn Long (D): 47.7%

5th District
Lisa Brown (D): 44.1%
*Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R): 55.9%

8th District:
Dino Rossi (R): 47.1%
Kim Schrier (D): 52.9%

3rd District
Carol Miller (R): 56.2%
Richard Ojeda (D): 43.8%

1st District
Randy Bryce (D): 42.5%
Bryan Steil (R): 54.5%

3rd District
*Ron Kind (D): 58.3%
Steve Toft (R): 41.7%