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Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Enjoys CrossFit and Dave Matthews, Dislikes Investigations Into Donald Trump

Screenshot of Matt Whitaker's Twitter account.
Gettin’ jacked. Screenshot via Twitter.

Shortly after Donald Trump asked for Jeff Sessions’ resignation on Wednesday, the president named Matthew Whitaker, Sessions’ former chief of staff, to replace the outgoing attorney general on a temporary basis. Whitaker isn’t a household name, but the one-time U.S. attorney and former tight end for the Iowa Hawkeyes has, in an instant, become perhaps the most consequential figure in Washington. Hints about his motivations can be found on his Twitter account, where he’s been posting since June 2007.

He would like Robert Mueller to knock it off with his investigation into Trump’s various possible criminal acts.

He likes to get jacked. A preferred method is CrossFit. In a shocking twist, he also likes to talk about CrossFit.

His thoughts on the Iowa Hawkeyes? He’s for ‘em.

His other football takes raise serious questions about his judgment.

He knows who the real racists are.

His curiosity knows no bounds.

He loves to game.

Don’t talk to him until he’s had his coffee!

He thinks it’s good to go easy on Russian white-collar crime.

He probably knows the lyrics to “Crash.”

He enjoys handouts and sucked from the teet of Taco John.

He knows about being in “hot water” with “the top of the FBI.”