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The Angle: Dazed and Confused Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Latino voter turnout, Nancy Pelosi’s comeback, and a new Coen brothers movie.

Gina Rodriguez speaking at a rally, wearing a shirt that says "Vote."
Actress Gina Rodriguez speaks at an election rally in Miami on Nov. 4.
Gaston De Cardenas/AFP/Getty Images

Vote aquí: More Latinos voted this year, and—despite the GOP’s racist attacks on immigrants throughout this election cycle—not just for Democrats. León Krauze calls that “a moral failure.”

She’s back: Nancy Pelosi has plenty of critics in her own party, but she’s still a formidable negotiator. Jim Newell explains how she’ll win back the speakership.

Wild, wild Western: The Coen brothers’ latest, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, features six vignettes connected by theme and mechanics. According to Dana Stevens’ review, “In the movie’s most memorable storylines, the filmmakers appear to be working through some sort of problem in their, and our, relationship to the mythology of the American West.”

Blazes and busts: Canada legalized recreational marijuana last month, and it’s already causing newfound trouble at the U.S. border, Elizabeth Hewitt reports. Because the U.S. still has a harsh federal policy when it comes to weed, Border Patrol officers are turning away Canadians who admit to marijuana usage or have ties to the weed business, and pressing charges against U.S. citizens who return from Canada with the plant.

Ch-check it out: Jack Hamilton reviews Beastie Boys Book, the sprawling, playful 600-page autobiography of the band by surviving members Ad-Rock and Mike D. “The Beastie Boys made music that made you want to become a more interesting person, which is such a crucial and underrated step toward becoming a better one,” Hamilton writes.

For fun: Duke’s freshman basketball players are too damn good.

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