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The President Just Called Stormy Daniels “Horseface” on Twitter; Good Job, Everyone

Trump, wearing a fleece, waves to the camera while Melania walks alongside him in a baseball cap.
Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the White House on Monday night. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


The context here:

• Stormy Daniels (he misspelled it) is, of course, the pornographic actress who has spoken in plausible detail about having had a sexual relationship with Trump that began in 2006 in Lake Tahoe. (At the time, Trump was married to Melania Trump, who had recently given birth to their son, Barron.)

• During the 2016 campaign, Trump attorney Michael Cohen arranged a $130,000 nondisclosure agreement with Daniels. (Cohen has since pleaded guilty to circumventing campaign finance law by making the payment, which he said was arranged at Trump’s direction.) In January 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported on the existence of the agreement, after which Daniels and lawyer Michael Avenatti sought to have it invalidated. That effort has been successful; in September, Trump’s latest team of attorneys said in court documents that they do not intend to attempt to enforce the agreement.

• Daniels and Avenatti had filed a separate defamation suit against Trump over an April tweet that called one of Daniels’ specific allegations “a total con job.” On Monday, that suit was dismissed.

• The “letter” Trump is referring to is likely one that was released under Daniels’ name denying an affair soon after the WSJ story broke, and the Texas reference may involve Trump having the right to collect attorneys’ fees from Daniels after her defamation case was dismissed because of a speech law that applies in Texas, where she resides. (Daniels no longer denies having the affair; Trump still does.)

So, that’s where we’re at, as a country. Horseface.