Slow Burn

Secret Tracks

Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, and others who had a ringside seat at the Clinton circus.

Every week, Slate Plus members get a special episode of Slow Burn in which Leon Neyfakh talks to people connected with the Clinton impeachment saga. This week, we’re presenting excerpts from those bonus episodes, featuring interviews with Linda Tripp, consultant Dick Morris, former acting solicitor general Walter Dellinger, and Dillon Teachout, an intern in the independent counsel’s office.

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If you enjoy these excerpts and want to hear more, sign up for Slate Plus at And if you’re already a member, you can find this week’s bonus episode in the player below or in your members-only podcast feed. It features an interview with Bob Bennett, President Clinton’s personal lawyer and the brother of Bill Bennett, the professional moral crusader and prominent Clinton antagonist. Leon and Slate senior producer Mary Wilson are also joined by Slow Burn producer Andrew Parsons for a broader discussion of the making of Season 2.