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The Angle: Whither the Court Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Kara Swisher’s bosses, teenagers and abortion, and the future of SCOTUS.

A demonstrator displays a sign as he supports others in the steps of the US Capitol as they protest against the appointment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in Washington DC, on October 6, 2018. - The US Senate confirmed conservative judge Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court justice on October 6, offering US President Donald Trump a big political win and tilting the nation's high court decidedly to the right.
What now?
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Our choices: Here’s a dialogue in blog posts, by Daniel Hemel and Christopher Jon Sprigman, mulling the legal left’s options after Kavanaugh. Should progressives keep faith in the institution of the Supreme Court as a check on the other branches and a sometime standard-bearer for civil rights, or should they write the court off completely?

This won’t get fixed: Jim Newell has bad news for Democrats who are now looking to 2020 to get the Senate back: They may have let themselves be far too comforted by the history of that body’s swings right and left.

“You stabbed me in the front”: Kara Swisher tells Laura Bennett about all the bad bosses she’s had, and how she dealt with them. It’s … quite the story.

I’ll say it out loud: If people are going to make awkward, sweaty jokes about teenagers having sex, those who support abortion rights should talk about the help they’d offer their pregnant daughters just as openly, Rachel Klein writes.

For fun: Kanye down, Taylor up.

It’s the law,