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Republican Senators Are Sick and Tired of Being Asked About Senate Business in the Senate

Here’s a striking image:

That’s the floor that Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins’ office is on. Collins, of course, holds one of the key swing votes that will determine whether Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, and as such is of great interest to reporters/constituents/protesters at the moment. Her staffers say they didn’t tell Capitol Police to block such individuals from having access to the hallway above, but they also didn’t “contest” the decision. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell complained this morning about protesters “harassing” his “members” at airports, which was seemingly a reference to the two self-identified sexual assault survivors who approached Georgia Sen. David Perdue at D.C.’s Reagan National Airport; when one extended her arm to shake his hand, he told her not to touch him, then ducked into a men’s bathroom.

Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, who was appointed to John McCain’s seat, is also sick of the badgering:

It does seem like one option to avoid being harassed and targeted by vicious mobs consisting of, uh, two sexual-assault survivors, would be to not insist on confirming an individual who faces multiple credible allegations of sexual assault to the Supreme Court. Just a thought!