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The Angle: The Headline-Grabbing Hoax Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on a Yale Law School investigation, an academic prank, and the next phase of #MeToo.

Students walking through the campus of Yale University
Students walk through the campus of Yale University. Yana Paskova/Getty Images

Inquiry: Dahlia Lithwick and Susan Matthews report on a shadowy investigation into Yale Law School professor Jed Rubenfeld, and how the complicated Title IX process, Rubenfeld’s marriage to fellow professor Amy Chua, and the clerkship system all seem to have served as a barrier for reporting inappropriate behavior at the prestigious institution.

“A deepening”: One year after the beginning of #MeToo, Christina Cauterucci talks with a dozen women who say that the Brett Kavanaugh allegations sparked something of a new stage to the movement, one that has incited an even deeper personal reckoning.

Most popular: Why are links from a U.K.-based website called LADbible always popping up on your Facebook news feed? Will Oremus investigates.

Gender studies: This week, three scholars revealed that they had written and submitted 21 bogus academic papers to expose “corruption” across a broad array of research fields. Daniel Engber breaks down what the hoax really exposed by taking a closer look at the deceptive studies.

For fun: A scorpion defends itself.

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