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President Trump: Ivanka Would Be “Dynamite” as U.N. Ambassador, if It Weren’t for the Complaints of Nepotism

Ivanka Trump in the Oval Office.
White House adviser Ivanka Trump listens during President Trump’s joint appearance with U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley to announce her resignation.

Ivanka Trump would make a great ambassador to the United Nations, President Trump said Tuesday, but he would be accused of nepotism if he nominated her.

Wait, what?

No, really. Almost immediately after news broke that Nikki Haley would step down as ambassador to the United Nations, the name of a woman who literally grew up in a luxury New York City penthouse was floated as the next person to occupy another one professionally on behalf of the United States. This isn’t the first time her name has been floated for the job—Ivanka was rumored late last year to be a potential replacement for Haley if she took the secretary of state job from Rex Tillerson.

The rumors were only stoked further when Haley praised Ivanka and called Jared a “hidden genius that no one understands” while speaking with Trump in the Oval Office.

While some have tried to tamp down the speculation, the president amped it up when he said Tuesday afternoon that Ivanka would be a “dynamite” pick, “but I’d then be accused of nepotism.” Trump then layered on the praise for his daughter, saying “I’m not sure there’s anyone more competent in the world.” Trump also said that his former foreign policy adviser Dina Powell—and friend of Ivanka and Jared—was “under consideration.”

So the onus fell to Ivanka herself to put an end to the speculation: