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Son of Limousine Company’s Owner Is Arrested in Connection With Deadly New York Crash

A man looking from the roadside onto a makeshift memorial of flowers.
A mourner looks on at the site of the fatal limousine crash near Schoharie, New York, in which 20 people died.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Authorities arrested the son of the limousine company owner whose cars were involved a fatal crash in upstate New York that killed 20 people. Nauman Hussain was expected to be charged with negligent homicide, the New York Times reported.

His family’s business has had a history of failed inspections and, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the limo in the crash “had failed inspections for problems with its brakes, suspension and chassis last month, and was being driven by a man lacking the proper license to operate a commercial vehicle,” and was carrying more people than it was certified for.

Nauman’s father, Shahed, had a long history with law enforcement, working as an informant for the FBI on terrorism cases. The Times reported that Shahed Hussain, a native of Pakistan, got caught up in counterterrorism work not because of any previous connection to militant groups but because he got arrested in 2001 for using doctored documents to get a license for a taxi driver. To avoid being deported, he worked with the FBI on terrorism cases, leading to some arrests and convictions.

He founded Prestige Limousine in 2008 after having filed for bankruptcy in 2003.* After one of the cases in which he worked as an informant, also in 2008, the judge in the case notified federal prosecutors that Hussain might have “perpetrated a fraud” in his bankruptcy proceedings. Hussain had testified that he received money from a source in Pakistan, but he apparently never disclosed that in 2003 to either those he owed money to or the court overseeing his bankruptcy. He never was prosecuted for fraud.

The Times reported that law enforcement doesn’t know where Shahed is but suspect he may be in Pakistan.

Correction, Oct. 10, 2018: This post originally misidentified Prestige Limousine as Prestige Limousines.