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Crowd Chants “CNN Sucks” at White House Event as Pictures Emerge of “CNN Sucks” Sticker on Alleged Bomber’s Van

Men surround a white van that's covered with a blue tarp in what appears to be a still from a video shot by a news helicopter.
Law enforcement officers near the van seized on Friday in Plantation, Florida. WPLG/Handout via Reuters

A 56-year-old Florida man named Cesar Sayoc has reportedly been arrested in South Florida in connection with the string of bombs sent to prominent Democrats. Donald Trump spoke briefly about the case at an ongoing White House event for black conservatives. The event is apparently a lively one:

Authorities in Florida, meanwhile, took custody Friday morning of a white van seen near the site of Sayoc’s apparent arrest. (TMZ says the van is “believed to belong to the suspect.”) When the van—whose windows were almost totally covered with bumper stickers, many of which expressed pro-Trump and right-wing messages—was shown on TV news, some local residents (including documentary filmmaker Billy Corben) noted that they’d apparently seen it (and taken pictures of it) before. Some of the stickers that can be seen in the older photos match the stickers that could be seen in news footage Friday, and one of the stickers in the older photos, coincidentally, says “CNN Sucks.”

So a crowd at the White House was chanting “CNN Sucks” as someone who appears to be the proud owner of a “CNN Sucks” sticker was getting arrested for allegedly sending a bomb to CNN. And, as a bonus, Trump appears to have subsequently encouraged the crowd in chants that suggested George Soros—the liberal donor who was also a target of one of the bombs—should be imprisoned:

Good stuff.