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Trump-Like Presidential Candidate in Brazil Stabbed on Camera During Rally

Bolsonaro, wearing a yellow t-shirt, reacts in the midst of a large crowd.
Jair Bolsonaro gestures after being stabbed in southern Brazil on Thursday. Raysa Leite/AFP/Getty Images

Warning: Graphic video below.

Far-right Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed Thursday during a rally in the city of Juiz de Fora in an incident caught on video:

One of Bolsonaro’s sons has tweeted that the wound was superficial and that he is recovering at a hospital. (Update, Sept. 7: Bolsonaro’s injuries were in fact significant and he is now in “serious but stable” condition. One of the doctors who treated him says he will need to spend a week in the hospital and could take two months to fully recover.) The attacker, whose motives are as of yet unknown, is in reportedly in custody. (Update: The attacker “appeared to be mentally disturbed.”)

Bolsonaro is a veteran of the Brazilian army who has praised the country’s bygone military dictatorship and run a “law and order”–themed campaign during which he’s promised to reward police for killing criminal suspects. Much like Donald Trump, he has a large social media following and has been accused of inciting hatred against minority populations, women, and gay people; in an incident nearly identical to one involving Trump in 2016, he once told a female legislator that she was too ugly to rape.

Recent polling shows Bolsonaro with more support than any other candidate in the presidential race but projects him to lose in the runoff election that would be held if no contender reaches 50 percent in the early October vote.